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I am a children’s illustrator and freelance creative director in children’s media development. My illustrative and written work is mostly known for its quirky humor, playful characters and exaggerated perspectives. Right now, my focus is on creating funny stories that blend chaos with kindness.

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My work is usually inspired by something silly. I love the characters who write their own rules and the heroes who bravely think they’ve figured it out. I love the odd matchups that somehow work and the adorable decisions that make things worse. For kids, the funny stories work because it’s the best medicine out there. The weight of our lives will always be present, but a shared moment of giggling is undeniably precious. 


I'm a proud stay-at-home dad by day, artist by night, who does his best to help his daughters enjoy what life throws at them. After teaching homeschool for a few formative years, the girls made the decision that life would be more enjoyable at “real school” and dad should go back to drawing full time. Wise beyond their years, I keenly took their advice and now provide all the other things they really want…mostly rides to and from friends. However, I remember those adventures at home were filled with good lessons about patience, listening and remembering that the best learning is curiosity.


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