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Get ready to dive into a world of imagination! We're thrilled to be collaborating with the talented author-illustrator, Larry Daley on his exciting upcoming picture book. Stay tuned for playful characters, humor, and exciting adventures on every page. Join us on this journey as we bring his storytelling to life!

Larry is a children's illustrator and freelance creative director in children's media development. His illustrative and written work is mostly known for its quirky humor, playful characters, and exaggerated perspectives. Right now, his focus is on creating funny stories that blend chaos with kindness.

As an alumni of Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics, Larry supervised major comics book brands such as Batman and Superman in film, television, video games, toys, comics, licensed promotions, and children's publishing. Larry is also a published children's illustrator and award-winning toy designer.

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Larry Daley joins Bookling Media for new picture book project

August 2023

Robbie is a lucky kid. He spends summers living on a boat! He loves to fish and motor around the harbor in his little boat, Dolittle.


But sometimes Robbie feels a little lonely. Sometimes he feels like he doesn’t fit in. Then, one day, he meets a very special seagull named George. For the rest of the summer, Robbie and George are inseparable. They go on adventures together, and as Robbie gets more confident, they push the boundaries and the rules set out by Robbie’s parents.


When an unexpected storm comes, Robbie learns that rules are put in place for a reason, and that there is nothing quite as special as a true best friend.


Based on the real childhood experiences of author Rob Morin, Robbie & George is a charming tale full of friendship, seafaring stories, and adventure.

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Piscataqua Press new chapter book release Robbie & George by Rob Morin and Larry Daley

September 2022


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