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About Me


Golden Ticket Winner

Hi everyone! My name is Larry Daley and I live on the New Hampshire Seacoast. I feel incredibly lucky to digitally illustrate "kid things" for a living. I spend lots of time in the dead of night drawing on my computer until my eyes get blurry, so sometimes I let my cat stare at the screen so I don't have to.


Although growing up in NH was lots of fun, I actually spent most of my career living in New York City. For many years, I was an art director in children's media at Warner Bros. and DC Comics, working with characters like Batman and Wonder Woman in creative development. Today, my only bosses are my kids - who insist I don't draw enough unicorns. (more career stuff below).

Fun facts about me include that I'm a lefty (which means the world is not built with me in mind -- That's right, I'm talking about YOU right-handed scissors!)  I also think ice cream is a vital part of happiness (just like bananas are evil and have a terrible texture... just kidding bananas!! No one really thinks this... I do...)

Thanks so much for taking a look at my work!


Larry Daley spent fifteen years as both an Art Director and Editor at DC Comics Entertainment and Warner Bros. Studios, helping to develop DC's library of characters for media development and licensed products. His work with characters like BATMAN and SUPERMAN has appeared in several feature films & television series, as well as toys, video games, licensed publishing, custom comics, theme parks, corporate branding and global promotions.

Before sitting down to draw...

Larry was lucky enough to begin his career as a personal assistant to filmmaker TIM BURTON during the making of A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Larry spent most of his time helping Mr. Burton assemble his original sketches and final art for the picture book published by Hyperion. Larry also worked as an editorial assistant at Marvel Comics, as well as a production assistant for Douglas Trumbull Studios and Topps Trading Cards. Larry also co-produced the Emmy-nominated documentary, MAYOR OF THE WEST SIDE, which tells the coming-of-age story of a teenager with multiple disabilities who becomes a celebrity in his New York City neighborhood.


Following his time at Warner Bros., Larry joined Innovative Toys, Inc. as creative director to design and develop their debut brand, The ScareMeNots - a line of bedtime monsters that help children face their fear of the dark.

The kids product line earned several awards for "best

new product," as well as formal interest from Hasbro Toys.

Today, Larry dedicates his efforts illustrating full-time at his studio on the New Hampshire seacoast. He is always happy to talk about Batman.
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