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Pet Portraits FAQs

How Do I Order A Pet Portrait?
1) Contact me at Include your contact information. I will email back to discuss details.

2) Email me a photo of your pet
3) After 2 weeks, I will email you a JPEG image of the finished painting for approval
4) If you LIKE it, we will finalize payment and a delivery date.*

*If you DON’T like it - no worries - no payment - I will only ask for permission to use in my work portfolio.
(Painting time may vary based on the project.)

What kind of photo do I send?
- Please email the best image you have of your pet
- The photo should be as big as possible (hi-resolution JPEG or PDF)
- Your pet should be in the POSE you want painted (I will not draw your pet in a different pose)

- Portraits are for ONE pet - additional people/pets can be requested for an additional cost

What kind of painting is it?
- 12” x 9” oil painting (artwork can be horizontal or vertical)
- Artwork is painted on heavyweight watercolor paper stock
- Artwork comes with an authenticity certificate from the artist

How much does a 12" x 9" painting cost?
 - An oil painting on watercolor paper is $100.

What if I want my family in the portrait?
- My work is generally single animal portraits.

- However, if you wish to add a person or animal to your painting, the rate is $50 per person/animal with a

3 character maximum for a 12" x 9" painting (i.e. your dog and 2 owners, 3 pets, etc.).

- All multi-character portraits till need to match the photo you submit

What if I want a bigger painting than 12” x 9”?
- The largest oil painting I currently offer is 16” x 20” on stretched canvas

- The cost is $250             

($50 per additional character added with a maximum of 4 characters)

Does the 12" x 9" painting come with a frame?
- No. To make these original paintings affordable, I do not frame or mat the painting. Customers can choose

on their own what they feel looks the best.                 

- The finished artwork is delivered in a clear plastic sleeve with a rigid backer board to reduce the risk of

damage or the image being bent.

How do I make a payment?
- Payments are made through VENMO or paying cash upon delivery.

- Personal checks, credit cards or other forms of payment are not accepted at this time.
- Payment happens only after the painting's email approval by the customer.

- Payments are made upon in-person delivery of the painting.

How does delivery work?
- The painting will be hand-delivered to the instructed address.

- Deliveries are only available within Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

- No artwork will be mailed due to potential damage and/or added expenses.

- All cash or Venmo payments must be in-person and/or received prior to receiving painting.






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